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Abe Stark Senior Center
103-15 Farragut Road
Director: Nathan Williams

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Program Highlights

Volunteer Appreciation Day at Abe Stark

Bridging the Gap with PS 119 OST

February 22, 2012

Students from PS 119 OST came to Bridge the Gap between themselves and members of Abe Stark Senior Center. They invited members to leave their handprints on a collaborative art project.

Abe Stark Members Recieve Presidential Active Lifestyle Awards

Abe Stark started its Let's Move Forward: Fitness Program to analyze how physical activity among senior citizens impacts their daily lives, their overall health and mental condition. The venture started off with five participants, and ballooned to 50 in a matter of a week. The program offers Active Adults programs for strength training, walking, bowling, yoga, Tai Chi, aerobics, zumba, Mediterranean, West Indian, and African relaxation techniques.

The Active Adults logged in their activities daily on the President's Challenge website and their dedication paid off!
On December 20, 2011, 47 participants were awarded with the President's Active Lifestyle Awards.

Monty Garcia, the program's oldest AND strongest member.

Even staff are staying active!

For the Canarsie Courier's coverage of this event, click here.

Abe Stark's 32nd Anniversary

Abe Stark celebrated its 32nd Year Anniversary Celebration on Tuesday, May 31st, 2011. Long time members came with new members to commemorate what they have come to know as their "home away from home." Director Williams received a New York City Council Citation as well as a Citation from Senator John Sampson for his work in helping the Center grow and thrive. Abe Stark Cook Diane Mayers, was also awarded two citations for working at the Center for over fifteen years.

D.J. Nate shows off his handiwork along with his co-pilots, long time members Cecil Wint and Lennox Moore.

Abe Stark Director Nathan Williams and Cook Diane Mayers pose show off their awards with representative from New York City Council Charles Barron.

Millennium Development's administrative staff, Penny Caquias and Nicholas Miller pose with Abe Stark Director Nathan Williams and Cook Diane Mayers, as well as a representative from New York City Council Charles Barron's office.

Abe Stark members pose for a snapshot during their 32nd Year Anniversary Celebration.

Abe Stark members, Maud Black and Lartie Alford pose together while celebrating the 32nd Year Anniversary of their "home away from home."

Mother's Day at Abe Stark

Abe Stark celebrated their annual Mother's Day Extravaganza on Wednesday, May 11, 2011. The event was a major sucess, dozens of members joined many residents from Breukelen Houses in a spectacular celebration of motherhood. Director of the Center, Nathan Williams not only hosted the event but also took on the role of a D.J., playing a variety of music, including old familiar tunes from the fifties and sixties to contemporary American, Carribbean, Latin, and soul. Long time member, Alberta Flowers, said that the event was a major hit and she was proud to have been a part of it. "Abe Stark sure knows how to show appreciation for mothers in our area, it's amazing to see how the community can come together in gratitude."

Abe Stark Assistant Cook Juan Beltran shows off his Mother's Day dessert entree.

Abe Stark mothers pose for a snapshot with Director Nathan Williams during the annual Mothers Day Extravaganza.

Abe Stark member Yolanda Lopez shows off her dance moves during the Mothers Day celebration.

Intergenerational Day

Students from the P.S. 119 OST Program spent Friday of their President's Week break visiting the Active Adults at Abe Stark Senior Center. The youngsters were eager to share their research on US Presidents and show off their step dancing skills. An active adult offered advice to a young musician playing the piano.

The OST participants ended their trip helping out their new friends by serving and carrying lunch.

Abe Stark Active Adults
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