Serving Youth, Families, Active Adults, and Seniors
IS 78 Junior High School Out of School Time Program
1420 E 68th St
Brooklyn, NY 11234

Funded Through - The NYC Department of Youth and Community Development

The IS78/Roy H. Mann OST after-school program is dedicated to helping students with their social, emotional, and cognitive development.

We strive to give students the opportunity to learn from our wonderful staff which includes professionals (teachers), college students (graduates and undergraduates), certified child care providers, and dedicated adults.

The students are given the chance to develop leadership skills and gain social interactions. We provide a variety of educational and recreational activities. At the IS 78 OST after-school program we provide the students with a nutritional snack, homework assistance, dance class, field trips, cheerleading/stepping, leadership council, chess club, basketball, football, chorus/drama and many sport and recreation activities.

This program offers students and parents another outlet from 2:45pm through 5:30pm, Tuesday through Thursday.

The OST program at IS78 operates during regular school breaks i.e. mid-winter recess, spring recess, etc. On those special days we provide the students with breakfast, lunch, and snack. They may also be involved in various activities and trips, such as movies, community service, bowling, etc.

For More Information or to get involved please contact
The Site Director
Rasaan Bonair @ 917-952-4893
or Site Supervisor Luca Serrone
@ 718-444-0101 ext 115
Homework Assistance:
This activity consist of dedicated counselors helping students with their homework, and also giving them the extra assistance that they need in all of their academic studies.

Photography & Yearbook:
Students will take pictures and obtain information regarding students personal interests, such as hobbies, movies, books, music, and students personal statements to make a yearbook that they can keep at the end of the program.


Computer Class:
Computer Class: Students learn how to work with computers, using up-to-date technology to work on personal projects.


Students learn the basic skills of the game of chess. This recreational and competitive game helps the children develop analytical, synthetic and decision-making skills which they can transfer to real life situations. Chess also allows them to use their thinking skills, analyze actions and consequences, and visualize future possibilities.Participants are also encouraged to learn by teaching through a mentoring program with elementary feeder school students.

In this course students will learn how to use bows and shoot different targets. The students will learn the necessary skills and techniques which will enable them to hit their desired targets.

This is a course that will help students apply decision making, problem solving and management skills within the area of nutrition and food preparation. 78 OST participants will guide feeder school students participating in our mentoring program through the preparation and cooking process after they master the technique themselves.

Dance Class:
This activity consists of different dances that the students learn from a professional dance instructor. This class teaches students how to choreograph different movement to music to perform a dance routine.
This activity consists of students doing different movements with their feet and hands working together to cheer and step in a collaborative manner using words, splits, jumps and, at times, music.

Leadership Council:
Students learn how to work within their community to help keep it clean and safe. They also develop awareness about what goes on in the community such as the political aspect of how money is given to the community to help businesses, homeowners, schools, and the maintenance of the community.

Students at IS 78 participate in various sports activities such as basketball, soccer, tennis, softball, and volleyball, football, etc. These activities teach competitiveness, sportsmanship, teamwork (for the team based sports) and physical conditioning.

Program Highlights

President's Week 2012

February 21-24, 2012

IS 78 OST Annual Holiday Caroling

December 23, 2011

The Roy Mann carolers gave the gift of holiday cheer to homebound seniors this holiday season. They visited Vandalia Senior Center and even made a trip up to Miss Susie, New York's oldest woman.

IS 78 OST's New Archery Program!

October 24, 2011

Students from IS 78 OST were given the opportunity to learn the ancient art of bow and arrow shooting at Floyd Bennett Field in our first ever archery program in our afterschool program provided by DYCD.

Roy Mann's Summer OST Program 2011

Roy Mann's new Principal, Jacek Polubiec met with Millennium Executive Director Paul Curiale, Associate Director Nick Miller, Site Director Dorothy D'Aleo and OST Supervisor Gianluca Serrone.

Congratulations to the I.S. 78's basketball team
on their victory in March 9th's playoff game!

The Roy Mann Mustangs earned their right to play in the OST Basketball League Championship game after winning the Brooklyn/Queens Championship with a score of 42-35 against the I.S. 114 Shellbank team.

Our cheerleaders competed in a city competition and came in 2nd place in the city.

Thank you to the cheerleading crew, the staff and coaches, and those who came to support our team.

2331 Bergen Avenue, Brooklyn NY
718-444-0101 Ext 115