Serving Youth, Families, Active Adults, and Seniors
PS 236 Out of School Time Program
6302 Avenue U Brooklyn, NY 11234
Funded Through - The NYC Department of Youth and Community Development

Millennium's OST program PS 236 - operates 5 days a week throughout the school year.

The OST (Out of School Time) program at P.S. 236 currently services 100 students within the school and community. Our program welcomes students of diverse backgrounds and abilities. Once our students enter the OST program they know that their afternoon will be fulfilled academically and physically. With the support of the staff at P.S. 236, our participants are given the opportunity to enjoy their everyday classrooms and facilities for sports and recreation. Within our program, participants are given a chance to grow and develop independently through problem solving, decision making, leadership, cooperative learning and independent work. Our goal is to allow our students to grow into mature, responsible and educated adults. Our students are part of a professional, structured, educational, disciplined and safe environment.

At P.S. 236, some of the activities we are currently partaking include but not limited to are: sign language, Italian, law, sports (basketball, football, and walking), step and dance, just to mention a few.

Sports – Individual and team sports are played. The team sports are to encourage team sportsmanship. Football, dodge ball, basket ball, soccer, tennis, steal the bacon, relay races are all activities played. Our basketball team – The Millennium Warriors are hard at work preparing for their first Basketball game versus another OST program.

We also have curriculum based programming:
Sketching - Participants will enjoy this art form by learning to draw things with step by step instruction. Each participant will create their own sketch book and work up to creating their own comics (individually or in a group).

Wacky Science - Participants are given the opportunity to learn the scientific method by getting hands on experience with exploring scientific topics. They will learn to make educated guesses and draw conclusions from their experiments.

Health - Students will learn the importance of being healthy through eating habits and being active.

Law– Students are learning many aspects of the Law. They are learning from the Constitution to the Bill of Rights and Civil and Criminal Law. Students participate in Mock Trials where they will learn how the courts will resolve problems in civil cases and how a person who has been charged with a crime goes through the stages of a trial.

All Around the World - Participants will venture to different countries aroundthe world and learn about different cultures. They will receive a stamp in their passport for each place visited.

Foreign Language - Participants will be introduced to a foreign language (we currently have Spanish and Italian). They will learn the basics such as the alphabet, greetings ans songs. Participants will learn to play games in the foreign language.

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June 14th, 2013
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December 18th, 2012
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December 3rd, 2012
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December 3rd, 2012
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March 8, 2012

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