Millennium Development

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@MillDev has just partnered with the @NYRangers to bring the @juniorrangers Ball Hockey League to our community! Kids receive a stick and performance t-shirt along with 10 weeks of instruction. PLUS there are appearances from NYR Alumni. Families are invited to register on a first come first serve basis:

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Saturday 4/25 with the @NYRangers!

The @juniorrangers Ball Hockey League!

Monday, April 26 Registration Begins for Summer Rising Programs:

Summer Rising Programs, Calendar & Information has been posted here .

For Summer Rising programs (grades K-8) families can sign up through the Discover DYCD website...

starting on Monday, April 26.

Schools will also reach out to families to encourage them to sign up and help them do so.

🐰 Easter Recipes: 🐰

Marshmallow Nests:

1 Bag of Marshmallows

6 cups of Rice Crispy Cereal

1/4 cup of Butter

Chocolate Eggs


  1. Melt butter in pot

  1. Mix in rice crispy cereal and marshmallows until sticky.

  1. Take a muffin pan and coat with cooking spray.

  1. Place the cereal into the muffin pan and shape into a nest.

  1. Put chocolate eggs in the nest.

Eggplant Parmesan:

6 small Eggplants

2 cans of puree




Romano Cheese

Mozzarella Cheese




  1. Peel and cut eggplant into slices.

  2. Pat dry and sprinkle a little salt on top.

  3. Cook 2 cans of puree in a pot for 1 hour on simmer with oregano, minced garlic and salt to taste.

  4. Place eggplant slices into egg mix then into the breadcrumbs then fry about 3 min each side.

  5. Take a pan and place some sauce on the bottom.

  6. Layer eggplant, then Romano cheese, then mozzarella and then do another layer again.


Upcoming Events

🦃 Millennium Development Turkey Giveaway 🦃

Abe Stark Senior Center @ P.S. 279

Congratulations Family Kahoot Winners!!!

Pictures From Our Event!

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Help Our Families

Please donate to local families who have lost loved one's to the COVID19 virus.

How to Use Zoom

Please Wear a Mask if You Go Out

People who do not show symptoms may still be able to spread COVID-19, and therefore the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) recommends you wear a face covering or mask whenever you leave home. A face covering will not protect you from infection, but it can help others. A face covering can include anything that covers your nose and mouth, including dust masks, scarves and bandanas. Do not use health care worker masks, as those must be preserved for people in the health care system. Even if you have a face covering, continue to stay home as much as possible and avoid close contact with other people. Please visit for more information and an FAQ on face coverings, as well as other important information on the virus.

COVID-19, Senior Food delivery

All After-School Programs and Senior Centers are CLOSED by order of the MAYOR until further notice.

Starting Monday March 29th, meals for seniors will be delivered. Meals are also available for anyone from any school during serving times.


contact your after school program for more info

contact an Active Adult Center for more info

More information available from meal sites

or get in touch with Department for the Aging at

212-Aging-NYC (212-244-6469)

Non-Profit Organization Serving Youth, Families, Active Adults, & Seniors

Around Millennium

The Brooklyn Walk has raised a total of $45,879 thus far, surpassing the fundraising goal of $45,000!

Team Mill Dev/BBYO was one of the top fundraising teams. We raised $1,623!

Twenty Years!!

The Canarsie Courier wrote a wonderful story on our twentieth anniversary party at Vandalia. Click on over to read it and see the great pics.

Junior PGA Golf Awards at Marine Park Golf Course

Bike Bonanza Huge Success

Thanks to everyone at the Department of Transportation, Bike New York, Mechanical Gardens, and all our staff here at Millennium Development as well as everyone who came out to get a free helmet or swap a bike. We gave out more than six hundred helmets and swapped more than forty bikes.