Meet our Team

Paul Curiale

Executive Director

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Nicholas Miller

Associate Executive Director

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Penny Caquias

Deputy Director

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James Miah


James Miah is a creative and focused Multi-Site Supervisor with 15+ years of youth development and nonprofit experience. He has a superb record of engaging a variety of student populations and is adept at managing parent concerns and expectations. James holds a BA in Children and Youth Studies, a MS in Nonprofit Management, and is currently a PhD candidate in Organizational Leadership. He has a strong passion for motivating and urging youth to reach their fullest potential and encourages lifelong growth, learning, and active participation in society.

James supervises youth programs in Rockaway and Brooklyn, which includes Scholars’ Academy, Channel View School for Research, Waterside School, Cunningham, and Shell Bank.

Rasaan Bonair


Rasaan creates a life that feels good on the inside, not just one that looks good from the outside. His work involves the affinity of youth within society. His insatiable curiosity of people and how we interpret the world around us is the driving force in my work. Rasaan has spent the last six years bridging the gap between youth in public schools and communities through the mediums of performing, culinary, sports and visual arts. Brooklyn is his true beloved. He has spent over half his life dedicated to connecting the dynamic lives of his borough to the deep understanding that within the multitude of languages, cultures, and situations we experience in our daily lives, we have the same blood flowing through our bodies.

Rasaan holds a BA in Phycology from Brooklyn College and is currently completing a MS in School Counseling and Leadership. Rasaan supervises our youth programs in Brooklyn and Queens, which includes Intermediate School 78, Marine Park, Fillmore Academy and America School of Heroes’.

Terri Cadet-Donald


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Nancy Mitchell


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Carline Richards

Program Director, P.S. 115

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Tiffany Wong

Program Director, P.S. 222

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Stacey Dunn

Program Director, P.S. 236

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Darrah Burns

Program Director, P.S. 317

Youth and community advocacy have been Darrah's passion for many years. Here at Millennium Development, Darrah has taken an oath to be responsible for the educational and psychological growth of the children and the families she serves, while providing stimulating, life enhancing activities and opportunities. In addition, Darrah strives to provide a positive and accepting environment where children can learn, grow and be creative. Darrah enjoys being a part of a positive change, and setting an examples for others to follow.

Darrah says that she believes every child, no matter what struggles and obstacles they may face can achieve greatness. “Be great” is a message she would like to share with the world.

Alyssa Dreifus

Program Director, Shell Bank (I.S. 14)

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Brian Nigro

Program Director, Roy H. Mann (I.S. 78)

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Woody Bastien

Program Director, America's School of Heroes (M.S. 137)

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Patryce Williams

Program Director, Fillmore Academy (I.S. 207)

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Ibraheem Wynn

Program Director, Cunningham (I.S. 234)

Ibraheem Wynn is the Program Director W.A. Cunningham JHS (234k). He is responsible for the middle school after-school and summer program. Working with Millennium Development for 7 years and is well rounded with Elementary and Middle School students. Ibraheem is passionate about the growth of our Middle school students, engaging them in out-of-the-box activities and experiences, while providing stimulating, life enhancing activities and opportunities for our youth. Ibraheem’s goal is to provide a quality and safe space after school program for all of the children to feel welcomed.

Kinea Allen

Program Director, Channel View (M.S. 262)

Nicola McNeil

Program Director, Marine Park (I.S. 278)

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Daisy Foureau

Program Director, Scholars' Academy (M.S. 323)

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