P.S. 115

Carline R. Cherubin

Program Director of P.S. 115


Program Address:

1500 East 92nd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11236

Terri Cadet-Donald

Program Director's Supervisor


If you are interested in enrolling your child in after school or summer camp, please reach out to the Program Director at P.S. 115

school year half flyer - 115.pdf

P.S. 115 features a wide variety of activities at the site. The program ensure that all activities support academic skills; (2) enrichment learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and/or Literacy skills and (3) physical activity/healthy living. Structure and order are part of our model to assure the participants are safe while having fun. We also provide a summer program that will support multiple goals as well. Each activity has its own curricula to be followed by the activity specialist and Group Leader. As for the physical activity/healthy living support we have plenty of organized sporting activities. These activities include Gym time, where participants will take part of organized team games. We also have our own basketball team that play other teams from within our COMPASS sites in a tournament throughout the summer. These activities promote healthy living by teaching participant’s nutrition values and the benefits of exercising and staying in shape. The intention is not to use passive activities over the summer and to keep the participants engaged in programming.